Backgammon Rules are the same for the real planetary and for the internet backgammon.

In charge to take how to drama backgammon, you essential read all the remit and have a handle on all the rules as explained.

In Backgammon, there are two players playing resistant each another. Their Objective is to conclusion their board game to their territory on flat timber and afterwards help yourself to them out.

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The firstborn to pull out all his checkers off the plate wins the backgammon game.


The board game game is contend between two players on a board near 24 triangles called "Points". The points have two flag which lonesome give a hand you to picture your moves short any goal to the colours. The piece of wood is black-and-white into 4 small boards- "Home boards" and "Outer boards".

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The "Bar" separates all the boarding and runs in the intermediate.

Each actress has its own 15 board game (there are two colors - red and albescent).

Each thorn on the backgammon board has a distinct figure for each actress. Each board game player starts to figure the points from his abode. The original constituent of the light-colored contestant is sited on the demean authority squad of the flat timber. This is besides the xx cardinal spike for the red player. There are 2 standard die next to 6 sides and a "Doubling cube" that has the book 2, 4, 8,16,32,64 on it and utilised sole to superior gamble.


Each board game player throws a chop. The results of the cube establish who starts opening (the contestant next to the difficult outcome) and the preliminary swing reported to the results of some die.

If some players have the very result, they inevitability to pitch over again.

After the front turn, all artist throws two chop up on alternating turns.


The activity of the checkers is tenacious by the issue of the dice, the gyration appearance how abundant points ("Pips") a attender is allowed to rearrange. The activity of the checkers on the backgammon board is anti right-handed.


1. It is not allowed to transport a attendant to a component which is not "Free/ Open". A released tine means it's not busy next to more than 1 opponent's tender.

2. As explained earlier, the moves are fixed reported to all break up chop. There many possibilities of battle for the self roll along of cube.

For Example, once a musician has a gyration of 4 and 6 he may shuffle a attender 4 moves and a incompatible checker the new 6, or he can rearrange the aforementioned attender 4 moves and later different 6 (or 6 moves and consequently 4) merely if the intermediate point is loose.

3. "Double"- When both slice prove the very digit. If a player throws a twofold he will dance the cipher on the slice twofold (in total 4 present).

For example, A gyration of 2 and 2 gives the musician iv two's to use.

4. The participant must nudge the checkers whenever the state on the sheet allows him to, and use all the moves persistent by the chop up (even if it is a multiple). If solely one number can be played, the contestant essential shift this number, or if respectively figure can be contend but not together, the high figure must later be contend. When all the numbers cannot be played, the actor loses his bend.


"Blot"- a barb that is peopled beside solitary one attender.

If a musician lands on an opponent's blot, it is a "Hit" and the opponent's checker is enraptured to the bar.


Whenever a actor has draughts on the bar his archetypical move, up to that time he makes any other moves, essential be incoming the checker on the bar to the opponents' home pane.

A tender can come in reported to the office of the die if the spine is unfold.

If some numbers are not open, the entertainer loses his whirl. If the actress has more than than one attender on the bar, and succeeds to get into single one, because the new cipher is not open- he is not allowed to use the other than number- solely once all checkers are off the bar, a recitalist can make the first move whirling the otherwise checkers around the flat timber.


When a contestant concentrated all his checkers on his sett plate he is set to inception "Bearing off". A attender is separate once the digit coiled matches the checker's spike. For example, once a 2 is rolled, the participant can tolerate off a attender status at two spear.

If within is no attendant on the element the square block show- the participant essential product a modify (if rightfully impending) exploitation a attender to be found on a highly developed spine.

If nearby are no board game on high constituent the actor can carry off the checker from the unbeatable thorn viable.

A recitalist doesn't have to take on off if he can produce a legalized dislocate.

If the albescent contestant started to take on off, and the enemy hits him, the albescent contestant must move into his attendant from the bar as natural once a tender is hit and nudge his checker rear legs to his environment pane earlier he can instigation to tolerate off once more.

The premier entertainer to suffer off all his cardinal board game is the winner!

This is called Gammon, and once the opponent didn't yet started to take on off his board game it is called backgammon.

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